Dr. Clarence B. Jones Fights Antisemitism in Super Bowl LVIII Ad

Dr. Clarence Jones in the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism Super Bowl ad. Photo credit: Foundation to Combat Antisemitism.

Dr. Clarence B. Jones is featured in a Foundation to Combat Antisemitism ad that aired during Super Bowl LVIII on CBS.

The ad is probably the most important ad airing during Super Bowl LVIII. Other people might be obsessing over Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce but that should be the least of priorities. Meanwhile, another ad, #StandUpToJewishHate: Tony, was launched last year. It aired during the pregame show.

Robert Kraft’s Foundation to Combat Antisemitism made the announcement over a week ago. You can view Kraft’s phone call with Jones on YouTube and other social networking channels. FCAS uploaded a video of Kraft and Dr. Jones in conversation for 20 minutes. They discuss antisemitism and the history of both the Jewish and Black people working together. An 11-second teaser was uploaded on Friday.

Dr. Clarence B. Jones assisted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the drafting iconic “I Have a Dream” speech delivered at the historic March on Washington on August 28, 1963. He served as legal counsel, strategic advisor, and draft speechwriter for Dr. King. He was also a successful attorney, entrepreneur, and investment banker.

Dr. Jones has been a longtime leader in the fight against hate. He has also been a a staunch advocate for civil rights throughout his professional career. He has been a passionate supporter and champion for the historic and powerful partnership between the Black and Jewish communities in America. Dr. Jones currently serves as Chairman of the Spill the Honey Foundation. It is an organization that inspires action against racism and antisemitism through art and education.

The Super Bowl ad certainly could not come at a more important time in the fight against antisemitism. The levels of antisemitism are the worst it has been since the 1930s. Tonight’s ad sees Dr. Jones imploring Americans of all backgrounds to become upstanders and not be silent in the face of hate. The ad centers around the powerful concept that all hate thrives on the silence of others and puts Jewish hate in conversation with others experiencing hate.

“The work Dr. Jones has done over the course of his entire life and career is the embodiment of FCAS’ mission to build bridges and stand up to Jewish hate and all forms of hate. In the time we have spent together and through his work, I have become a huge fan of Dr. Jones, and I am proud to spotlight all that he has done for our nation,” said Robert Kraft, Founder of the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism. “With this ad, we hope to continue to spread Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of unity and equality at a time in which the country needs it most and our goal is to reach a wide audience of people and inspire all Americans to stand up together, arm in arm, and fight this horrific rising hate.”

“I know I can speak for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when I say without a doubt that the Civil Rights movement (including the passage of the Civil Rights and Voting Acts) would not have occurred without the unwavering and largely unsung efforts of the Jewish people,” said Dr. Clarence B. Jones. “With hate on the rise, it is as important as ever that all of us stand together and speak out. Silence is not an option. I’m glad that I have lived long enough to partner with Robert Kraft and FCAS to continue to spread the message to the widest possible audience – the Super Bowl.”

Dr. Jones is right. Nobody can afford to be silent against hate. If you care about your Jewish friends, you should be speaking out against Jewish hate. Stand up against Jewish hate. Please–our lives certainly depend on it.

Super Bowl LVIII airs February 10, 2024 on CBS.

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