The Solzy Awards for Documentaries in 2023

The Solzy Awards

The Solzy Awards for Documentaries in 2023 honor the best of the documentary films that were released during the past year.

I’m a member of the Critics Choice Association’s Documentary Branch so I usually watch a good number of documentaries during the year. Instead of waiting until next week, I’ve decided to go ahead and announce the winners today.

I’m not awarding a winner in the categories of biographical or sports this year because it’s way too hard. The sports documentary awards are going to Sam Pollard regardless and I decided to split it up into the different sports. Technically speaking, my #1-8 ranked documentaries are all 5/5. Timeless Heroes is a late edition because it premiered on December 1 and screeners were not made available.

Best Documentaries of the Year

  1. Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie
  2. Bill Russell: Legend
  3. The League
  4. 100 Years of Warner Bros.
  5. Albert Brooks: Defending My Life
  6. Timeless Heroes: Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford
  7. Being Mary Tyler Moore
  8. Fioretta
  9. It Ain’t Over
  10. The Saint of Second Chances
  11. A Disturbance in the Force
  12. Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields
  13. Judy Blume Forever

Documentary Feature: Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie

Documentary Short (Previously Announced): Under G-d, Now and Then: The Last Beatles Song

Director: Davis Guggenheim: Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie

Editing: Michael Harte, Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie

Narration: Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie, Written and Performed by Michael J. Fox

Archival Documentary: The League

Comedy Documentary: Albert Brooks: Defending My Life

Sports Documentary: Please See Next Two Categories

Basketball Documentary: Bill Russell: Legend

Baseball Documentary: The League (Runner-ups: It Ain’t Over, The Saint of Second Chances)

Jewish Documentary: Fioretta (Runner-up: Israel Swings For Gold)

JFK Anniversary Documentary: JFK: One Day in America

World War II Era Documentary: Occupied City

Movie-Related Documentary: Timeless Heroes: Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford (Runner-Up: A Disturbance in the Force)

Music Documentary: Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Special

Best Anniversary Remaster: Jack L. Warner: The Last Mogul

Unreleased Festival Movie of 2023 (Tie): Rather, Chasing Chasing Amy

Unreleased Festival Movie of 2022 That Really Needs A Distributor This Instant and More Eyeballs On It Because Antisemitism Is Way Too High Right Now: The Conspiracy

The rest of the The Solzy Awards for film will be announced in December.

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