Irish Wish: The Newest Lindsay Lohan Netflix Rom-Com

(L to R) Ed Speleers as James Thomas, Elizabeth Tan as Emma Taylor, Lindsay Lohan as Maddie Kelly, Ayesha Curry as Heather, Alexander Vlahos as Paul Kennedy in Irish Wish. Photo credit: Patrick Redmond / Netflix © 2024.

Lindsay Lohan is back on Netflix and starring in Irish Wish, a new romantic comedy where making a wish should come with a warning.

There’s a phrase when it comes to wishes: be careful what you wish for. This is the ultimate warning from watching the romantic comedy. Will any viewer take heed from it or will it simply serve as entertainment? Time will tell but in the meantime, it’s just a fun romantic comedy that takes its audience on a trip to Ireland and the beautiful landscape that comes with it. Given Lohan’s star power, it isn’t surprising that the Netflix comedy is already in the top ten.

The old adage does not stop ghostwriter Maddie (Lindsay Lohan) from wishing that she was getting married to Paul Kennedy (Alexander Vlahos) instead of her best friend, Emma Taylor (Elizabeth Tan). After all, Maddie was supposed to be a bridesmaid in Emma and Paul’s wedding. Regardless of feelings for Paul, Maddie does what any best friend would do: put those feelings aside and be happy for their best friend in public. Privately speaking, this is not so much the case.

After Maddie’s wish comes true, there are some gags that happen. Maddie wakes up from what she thought was a dream to find Paul standing in the bathroom shower. Later on, she forgets that she is sleeping with him and punches him as a natural reaction. You couldn’t blame her for slowly adjusting to this new reality around her. Anyway, it’s funny watching best friends Heather Collins (Ayesha Curry) and Emma not realize that anything changed.

The film does stick to the usual romantic comedy tropes. Despite wishing to marry Paul, Maddie realizes she is in love with a photographer, James Thomas (Ed Speleers), and upset about Paul getting credit for the book that she actually wrote. What this means is that she comes to undo her wish in the end and basically erases the second act and large majority of the third act. Funny enough, there are still sparks between Paul and Emma in this new reality. You know what they say? What’s meant to be is meant to be.

Irish Wish does not really add anything new to the genre but it’s still an entertaining comedy. It may not be an award winner but you won’t find yourself wanting 93 minutes back.

DIRECTOR: Janeen Damian
SCREENWRITER: Kirsten Hansen
CAST: Lindsay Lohan, Ed Speleers, Alexander Vlahos, Ayesha Curry, Elizabeth Tan, Jacinta Mulcahy, and Jane Seymour

Netflix released Irish Wish on March 15, 2024. Grade: 3.5/5

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