Louis CK: Sexual Harasser Wins Best Comedy Album – Grammys

Louis CK in Sincerely.

The Recording Academy should be ashamed of themselves after awarding sexual harasser Louis CK with Best Comedy Album.

I don’t typically pay attention to the Grammy Awards because I’m more focused on film. When the Grammy nominations were announced, I was busy watching The Beatles: Get Back or getting my Covid booster. Regardless, nobody in my circles even said a thing about Louis CK getting a nomination let alone Marilyn Manson. You could imagine my utter shock and disbelief when the Variety news alert came through. How is it that Louis CK, who dropped his pants in front of women without their consent, is allowed to be nominated let alone win a Grammy Award?!? This should not be happening!

In a world where people have been outraged because of what Will Smith did during the Oscars and want him held accountable for his actions, the Recording Academy decides a sexual harasser is worthy of a Grammy Award. If you were outraged by Will Smith and silent/indifferent about Louis CK, it means that your racism is showing.

The comedian has not said anything to be getting forgiveness. His last major interview was a complete letdown and he didn’t even apologize to my knowledge. Hell, he even used his previous sexual misconduct as the basis for a joke in the same special that just won Best Comedy Album. If you’re not furious about this, why?!? The Washington, DC audience that gave him a standing ovation ought to be ashamed of themselves. As if joking about sexual misconduct isn’t enough, he made “a racist and misogynistic comparison to women having sex and slaves singing while they were forced to work.” This man just won a fricking Grammy Award for this special.

Oh yeah, the same special sees Louis CK joking about the Holocaust. He joked that he’d “rather be in Auschwitz than New York City.” The comedian is of Hungarian-Jewish descent but was raised Catholic. He should be ashamed and the Recording Academy has lost every ounce of credibility by rewarding the comedian.

EDIT: The part that truly sucks about this is that the comedian was required to submit his album to the Recording Academy. How they didn’t have the decency to reject it outright is beyond me. Moreover, the fact that the Recording Academy voters still awarded him the Grammy Award has brought the Grammy’s to a new low. People who commit sexual violence should not be rewarded for their actions and again, the comedian even jokes about his previous sexual misconduct.

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