Johanna Braddy & Jacob Artist talk The Get Together

Johanna Braddy and Jacob Artist recently spoke with Solzy at the Movies about the new coming-of-age comedy, The Get Together.

The new film, directed by Will Bakke, takes place over the course of a Friday night house party in Austin, Texas.

What was it about the script that drew your interest?

Jacob Artist: I love this story. I love this time of life—in your 20s and you’re sort of figuring out what’s next and what you want to do with your life. I feel like there was a lot of comedy and heart and depth to what each one of them were going through.

Johanna Braddy: Yeah, same thing. I loved the characters so much. Ultimately, just reading the script, you really like feel like you get to know them and you feel like you’re going on this journey with them. I love how relatable it is and how it just showcases, like Jacob said, transitional times in people’s lives. I think it’s so interesting.

Both of you were on Quantico. How long after signing onto the film did you realize the other was going to be in the film?

Jacob Artist: Well, when I read it, Johanna was a part of it already so I was so excited to be working with her again. We’ve been friends since then and bringing that chemistry to these characters is really exciting. I was thrilled actually.

Johanna Braddy: Yeah, same—so excited.

What do you typically look for in a character while you’re reading a screenplay?

Jacob Artist: I think just layers, something that feels three-dimensional. Someone that you can sort of feel what’s going on with them and it doesn’t feel like it’s on the surface. There’s something interesting happening or something within them that you want to show the audience just all those things.

Johanna Braddy: Yeah, same. I think I look for a change in the character throughout the script. I think most good movies or stories pick up when there is a change in someone’s life and that’s what’s so interesting to see is how people react to different circumstances. Change would be a big one.

When Caleb ran out there to give back the ring, I thought for sure that he was going to break up the proposal!

Jacob Artist: (Laughs)

Johanna Braddy: I think we did, too. Betsy did.

The Get Together is a coming-of-age comedy set during a house party. What’s your favorite coming-of-age comedy?

Jacob Artist: I was saying earlier today, I just saw Lady Bird for the first time and I really, really liked it a lot. I didn’t see it when it came out and I watched it a couple months ago. I just loved the story and it was really funny, really touching, and just a well-done film. That’s super coming-of-age and I loved it.

Johanna Braddy: I really liked The Spectacular Now though I don’t think it was a comedy. I can’t remember. I think Miles Teller is really funny so maybe it was. I haven’t seen it in a while but I loved that one.

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy during the pandemic?

Jacob Artist: Getting the vaccine?

Johanna Braddy: Yes!

Jacob Artist: I mean, it’s been so weird. This whole last year, obviously for everyone, has been so bizarre. It’s nice now because it feels like it’s kind of getting back to normal a little bit which is great, I think, for everybody.

Johanna Braddy: Yeah, I started fostering dogs and just trying to stay mentally alert and creative, like reading and writing. Trying to do something that would push me because it can be a lot being alone. I think everyone’s experienced massive, massive changes this year.

Yeah, I live alone and that has not been fun.

Johanna Braddy: I bet that’s hard.

Speaking of Quantico, during my first visit to New York, I’m walking by the New York Public Library, and I see this car turned upside down. I’m looking for the cops and then I hear someone yelling, “Quiet on the set!” It turned out it was shooting for Quantico.

Johanna Braddy: Oh, no way!

Jacob Artist: And then you saw Priyanka Chopra run by in heels. (Laughs)

No, I didn’t.

Johanna Braddy: (Laughs) Oh, that’s cool. How fun. I love New York trip.

I’m hoping to go back again some time. It’s just a matter of where they start having in-person film festivals without masks.

Johanna Braddy: Yeah. Hopefully soon if everyone’s getting vaccinated. Hopefully that’s not too far off in the future.

Jacob Artist: Yeah.

Have you had a chance to watch The Get Together with an audience or not?

Johanna Braddy: Not with an audience.

Jacob Artist: No. I think that’d be so fun to see it with people and just see what they think about it.

Johanna Braddy: Yeah.

Vertical Entertainment releases The Get Together on Digital/VOD on May 14, 2021.

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