Meredith Hagner talks Palm Springs, Quarantine Life

Misty (Meredith Hagner) in Palm Springs. Photo credit: Christopher Willard/Hulu.

Meredith Hagner spoke with Solzy at the Movies over the phone to discuss Palm Springs, which will be launching on Hulu on July 10.

In the film, Hagner portrays Misty, the girlfriend of Nyles (Andy Samberg).  You can also find the actress currently starring in season 3 of Search Party on HBO Max.

Palm Springs comes out in mid-July on Hulu. What was it about the script that attracted you to the project?

Meredith Hagner: Andy Siara is such a gifted writer. He creates such a vivid world and kind of melt this human humor—this humor with this kind of stagnant dystopia that I wanted to be in I I wanted on the script level to live in that world and be a part of it. And then watching it come into fruition, it all came to life. And then when I saw the people involved, it was kind of a no-brainer that it was something I was so grateful to be a part of.

What are the biggest factors you take into account when choosing projects?

Meredith Hagner: For me, the script is a major, major, major one. Also, just who are the people involved? Max seemed like he’s an interesting filmmaker. Obviously, I’m a big Andy Samberg fan. I look at the scripts and the creatives involved. And for me, even the role kind of comes secondary. Even if it’s two lines in a movie with an exciting filmmaker and something that I think will be special and interesting—I just want to be involved. That’s kind of my litmus test.

Meredith Hagner and Andy Samberg in Palm Springs.
Misty (Meredith Hagner) and Nyles (Andy Samberg) in Palm Springs. Photo credit: Christopher Willard/Hulu.

Can you talk about working opposite Andy Samberg?

Meredith Hagner: He’s just such a pro. What a nice guy. He’s so kind and creative. He’s just a true professional. Watching him, I think he gave such an incredible performance in this. I (inaudible) the time loop wedding portion of this movie but then watching him and Cristin just gorgeous performances in all of the more intimate stuff they had, I’m just so blown away. But he’s just such a kind fun guy. They have such a spirit of collaboration and I think that’s part of why the movie worked so well and was so successful as I’m sure he’s learned that in comedy that everybody feels the kind of safety and comfort to play on set.

I imagine that there was probably a lot of laughter on set.

Meredith Hagner: There was a lot of laughter. It was one of those movies that was just so fun to make because at least for my portions of it, a lot of it was these fun wedding scenes. You’re there with all these just like really fun, interesting actors for many hours throughout the day and into the night. Those are really fun scenes because they’re just fun people and you’re goofing off. We really did have a great time.

If you had to relive the same day over and over in an infinite loop, at what point would you get exhausted?

Meredith Hagner: That’s a really good question because I think for each person, that’s probably a very subjective question, right? I’m sure that’s unique to everyone. I think the part of what makes a great day a great day is that you know it ends when the sun goes down. I want to go with I feel like by a week. But granted then there is the fun element of like, Oh, I get to explore. I don’t know because then you get to test the boundaries of when that loop ends. I’m gonna go with two until I would get really over this and like, Okay, I’m ready to wake up now.

What have you been doing to avoid going stir crazy over the last few months?

Meredith Hagner: I definitely in early quarantine was ambitious about—I’m gonna learn all these new skills and then it’s sort of like devolved into just walking into the kitchen and walking back into the living room like 15 times and figuring out what to do. What have I been doing? I’ve been trying to be in nature and (laughs) I haven’t been that successful. I was laughing in my last interview that I was accosting Seamless delivery people for conversation. I’m still figuring out how to navigate it so I’ll get back to when I really figure out the key for myself. (Laughs)

I feel like phone interviews have been my only social life since March.

Meredith Hagner: I know! By the way, I’ve been so happy to have these interviews and then I feel like I want to ask you questions about your life because I’m just so desperate to hear about someone else other than myself (Laughs).

I had one interview in April. I thought it was just gonna be 15 minutes and then we just started having a small talk for another 15.

Meredith Hagner: I know. You know what’s funny? I realized—I always thought, Oh, small talk—who wants small talk? I miss talking about the weather with strangers on the street and not having them run away out of fear that they’re going to catch something from me. I actually really miss those little moments that I didn’t think I cared about.

Yeah, or waiting in line at a film festival and just talking with that person in front or behind you about what films you’ve seen or what has the biggest buzz? When I started hearing about all these film festivals deciding to go virtual, I’m like, that’s one of the biggest parts about a festival. I have literally changed my schedule after hearing buzz.

Meredith Hagner: I know. I know. And it’s like, if we had all been at Sundance and had known that this was coming, I would have even appreciated it way more.

If you told me in January that I would have the Critics Choice Awards weekend in LA and Sundance and then the rest of the year going as it has, I would have said you’re crazy.

Meredith Hagner: I know!

But in hindsight, those are some of my favorite moments of the year. I got to meet Lin-Manuel Miranda!

Meredith Hagner: Oh my gosh—exactly!

(The publicist cut in to let us know we were out of time.)


Meredith Hagner: Okay, I’m bummed. I could have stayed on for days (Laughs).

Thanks again and enjoy all the small talk in other interviews.

Meredith Hagner: Thank you so much.

Palm Springs launches July 10 on Hulu. Search Party is currently available on HBO Max.

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