Jack Coleman talks Heroes at Wizard World Chicago

Heroes star Jack Coleman attends Wizard World Chicago 2019. Photo by Danielle Solzman/Solzy at the Movies.

Jack Coleman spoke with Solzy at the Movies about working on Heroes and being a descendant of American founding father Benjamin Franklin.

There’s a mini-Heroes reunion this weekend.

Jack Coleman: Right here. This is the line right here.

I thought the first season was one of the best seasons in television history.

Jack Coleman: You are correct.

What do you miss about working on the series?

Jack Coleman: Mostly this and it was just a great time. It was such a fun show to work on. It was very long hours. The show was grueling but it was a great group of people. When this stuff came together and when it really worked, it was just sensational. It was kind of a template for a lot of shows and movies that you see now. It was just sort of a special lightning-in-a-bottle kind of situation where the people and the story all came together and the cast and the writers and the crew and cinematographers. It was just a really special group and a special time and a special show. I think people, even though it was short lived, remember it that way especially that first season.

You descend from Benjamin Franklin.

Jack Coleman: I do. My sixth-generation grandfather.

Is the Franklin connection one of the reasons that you get drawn to so many political roles?

Jack Coleman: No, I wouldn’t say it is but I certainly love the political. I just love political content. I love political characters. I think it’s a fascinating profession…terrifying profession. I think even if there was no connection…I think it’s whether or not I was related to Benjamin Franklin, it’s hard to know because I don’t know who I would be if I weren’t because your lineage is your lineage but I don’t think I don’t see any direct connection to it.

What do you look for in a script?

Jack Coleman: Well, two things. If it’s a comedy, is it funny. Then if it’ a drama, does it work. I mean, does it engage you in the way it’s attempting to engage you. If it does, then I’m in and there’s so much great material now especially on television.. I mean it is kind of a kind of a golden era of TV with all the different outlets. There’s just so many talented writers these days—so many really compelling shows. It’s really kind of a great time for television.

Wizard World Chicago 2019 runs August 22-25, 2019 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill.

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