Is Warner Bros. looking to replace Ben Affleck at Batman?

EZRA MILLER as The Flash, BEN AFFLECK as Batman and GAL GADOT as Wonder Woman in Warner Bros. Pictures' action adventure "JUSTICE LEAGUE," a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Does actor Ben Affleck have a future with regards the Batman franchise?

With regards to his role in the DC Extended Universe, it’s really hard to say outside of his appearances in Justice League films or playing a role in the Superman movies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, his future seems to be in doubt.

Yes, Warners’ film studio chief Toby Emmerich tells The Hollywood Reporter, “Ben is our Batman. We love him as Batman. We want to keep him in the cowl as long as we can.” And Matt Reeves, who will direct the studio’s still-undated (and unwritten) The Batman, has said that he means to keep Affleck in the role. But a source with knowledge of the situation says that the studio is working on plans to usher out Affleck’s Batman — gracefully, addressing the change in some shape or form in one of the upcoming DC films.

Reeves is writing his own screenplay after dropping the one written by Affleck and Geoff Johns.  Affleck was set to direct but stepped down.

In Hall H at Comic Con today, the actor was pretty adamant that he wasn’t leaving the role, reports Deadline.

“Batman is the coolest f*cking part in any universe. I am so thrilled to do it. It is f*cking amazing. After two films, Kevin Tsujihara, Sue Kroll and Toby Emmerich have said, ‘We want you to be our Batman.’ I would be an ape on the ground for Matt Reeves. It’s a great time in the DC universe, and you can see why I am so excited to play Batman.”

When Bruce Wayne appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it wasn’t the younger version that we saw in the Christopher Nolan films but an older version similar to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns storyline.  Let’s face it: no current or future Batman franchise will never be able to touch The Dark Knight franchise.  Affleck’s appearance in the 2016 movie was too soon for a character last seen portrayed by Christian Bale in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.

Of the current Justice League cast, Affleck is the oldest member.  Warner Bros. is in a predicament that they surely don’t want be in.  Either Affleck is your Batman or he isn’t.  Fans won’t rush to see Batman film in which Batman is played by someone who isn’t Bruce Wayne.  While it is true that Batman isn’t always Bruce Wayne in the comics, Bruce Wayne is synonymous with the role.  It’s who we pay to see at the box office.  It’s who we expect to watch on television.

Justice League is due out in theaters in November.


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