Chasing the Blues: Jews Meet the Blues

Chasing The Blues raises the stakes as two music collectors go on a search for a rare 1930s blues record that is said to be cursed. It’s 1987 and our story evolves around high school teacher Alan Thomas (Grant Rosenmeyer) and record shop owner Paul Bettis (Ronald L. Conner).  The two of them try to con the widowed Mrs. Walker (Anna Maria Horsford) out of a rare 1930s blues record, “O Death Where is Thy…

"Chasing the Blues: Jews Meet the Blues"

The Top Unreleased Films of 2017

As is the case every year, there’s a number of films premiering during the festival circuit but don’t see a release until the following year.  In some instances, this could be because of how long it takes to acquire a distributor. If some of these films had gotten an official theatrical release, make no mistake that they’d have found a spot in my top 20 films of the year and maybe even the top ten.…

"The Top Unreleased Films of 2017"

Chicago Film Festival: Chasing the Blues Q&A

Cast and crew were on hand for an entertaining Q&A session following the world premiere of Chasing the Blues at the Chicago International Film Festival. On hand for the Q&A session were director/co-writer Scott Smith, co-writer Kevin Guilfoile, actors Jon Lovitz and Grant Rosenmeyer, producer J.J. Ingram, associate producer Aria DeBenny, and executive producer John Fromstein.  The session was moderated by Anthony Kaufman. Rosenmeyer said that the first time he traveled to Chicago was to…

"Chicago Film Festival: Chasing the Blues Q&A"

Scott Smith, Grant Rosenmeyer talk Chasing the Blues

Chasing the Blues director/co-writer Scott Smith and actor Grant Rosenmeyer spoke about the new film on the red carpet prior to the world premiere at the 53rd Chicago International Film Festival. Actor Jon Lovitz and producers Aria DeBenny, John Fromstein, and J.J. Ingram also walked the red carpet.  A Q&A session took place following the world premiere.   The film was produced by Fulton Market Films.  They are currently looking for buyers.

"Scott Smith, Grant Rosenmeyer talk Chasing the Blues"

Chicago Film Festival: Chasing The Blues

Chasing The Blues is a fun but short-ass dramedy with a running time just under 80 minutes long. Scott Smith directs from a screenplay he co-wrote with Kevin Guilfoile.  The film stars Grant Rosenmeyer, Ronald L. Conner, Chelsea Tavares, Clem Cheung, with Steve Guttenberg, Anna Maria Horsford, and Jon Lovitz as Lincoln Groome. It’s 1987 and our story evolves around Alan Thomas (Rosenmeyer) and Paul Bettis (Conner).  The two of them try to con the…

"Chicago Film Festival: Chasing The Blues"