Amazon Prime Video: Coming in November 2021

Amazon Prime Video announced the films, series, and specials that will be coming to Prime Video and IMDb TV in November 2021.

This November brings 11 Amazon Originals, including The Electric Life of Louis Wain, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy, following English artist Louis Wain’s rise to prominence at the end of the 19th century for his surreal cat paintings; the premiere of Tampa Baes, an unscripted reality series following a young group of lesbian friends in Tampa Bay; more episodes of everyone’s favorite groovy blue cat Pete the Cat; Always Jane, a coming-of-age docuseries centering on transgender teenager Jane Noury and her family as she nears her high school graduation; Mayor Pete, an inside look at Pete Buttigieg’s campaign to run for President of the United States; the premiere of The Wheel of Time, based on Robert Jordan’s beloved epic fantasy novel series of the same name; Everybody Loves Natti, a reality docuseries following Latin singing sensation Natti Natasha; season 3 of Hanna which continues the journey of an extraordinary young woman who was created to be an assassin by a sinister organization; Do, Re & Mi Holiday Special: Merry Nestivus, following the Beebopsburgh birdies in a heart-warming holiday tale; Anni da cane (Dog Years), which tells the tale of Stella, a self-conscious, cynical and troubled teen with a huge imagination; Burning, a documentary which originally premiered at TIFF and takes an unflinching look at the devastating “Black Summer” of the 2019-2020 Australian bushfires.

Here’s what’s new on Prime Video in November

New Amazon Originals:

  • The Electrical Life of Louis Wain is the extraordinary true story of eccentric British artist Louis Wain (Benedict Cumberbatch), whose playful, sometimes even psychedelic pictures helped to transform the public’s perception of cats forever. Moving from the late 1800s through to the 1930s, we follow the incredible adventures of this inspiring, unsung hero, as he seeks to unlock the “electrical” mysteries of the world and, in so doing, to better understand his own life and the profound love he shared with his wife Emily Richardson (Claire Foy). Available in HDR. Streaming November 5

  • Tampa Baes is an eight-episode docuseries that follows a young group of lesbian friends in Tampa Bay, an ever-growing gay hotspot on the Florida shoreline. Always ready for an adventure or a good party, this group of friends—and sometimes more than friends—are ambitious and unapologetic, while constantly battling stereotypes and labels. With all eyes on these fun-loving women, there’s not a challenge or hot-button issue they won’t tackle, even if it means getting real with each other. Available in UHD and HDR. Streaming November 5

  • Hey there cats’n kittens, Pete the Cat and his friends are back for more musical adventures: celebrating groovy holidays – even putting on the evening news on TV… Whether they’re playing games, throwing parties or facing their fears, our favorite blue cat and pals always know how to make any situation a fun time, especially when they’re together. New Episodes Streaming November 5

  • Always Jane follows Jane Noury, who lives with her family in rural New Jersey. Like any teenager, Jane must balance friends, family, and school. While today’s political and social climate may not seem like the easiest time for a transgender teenager to grow up, you haven’t met her family, the Nourys. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and find irreverent humor in daily life, while Jane sets her sights on life beyond her family. Streaming November 12

  • Mayor Pete brings viewers inside Pete’s campaign to be the youngest US President, providing an unprecedented intimacy with the candidate, his husband Chasten, and their ambitious team. From the earliest days of the campaign, to his unlikely, triumphant victory in Iowa and beyond. This film reveals what really goes on inside a campaign for the highest office in the land -and the myriad ways it changes the lives of those at its center. Recently appointed to U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Buttigieg serves as the first openly LGBTQ Cabinet member in U.S. history. Available in HDR. Streaming November 12

  • Set in a sprawling, epic world where magic exists and only certain women are allowed to access it, The Wheel of Time follows Moiraine (Rosamund Pike), a member of the incredibly powerful all-female organization called the Aes Sedai, as she arrives in the small town of Two Rivers. There, she embarks on a dangerous, world-spanning journey with five young men and women, one of whom is prophesied to be the Dragon Reborn, who will either save or destroy humanity. Available in UHD and HDR. Streaming November 19

  • Although Latin singing sensation Natti Natasha has amassed billions of views on YouTube (and over 75 million devoted social media followers), the new Amazon Original reality series Everybody Loves Natti marks the first time she’s shared the intimate details of her personal life, including her relationship with her manager, Raphy Pina. Together, they navigate her latest album NATTIVIDAD, life in Miami with their newly blended family, her dreams of worldwide recognition, and a surprise baby on the way. The all-access series also offers an inside look at how the self-made star arrived at the forefront of today’s booming Latin music scene, featuring friends and collaborators who’ve shared in her journey, including Daddy Yankee, Prince Royce, Becky G, Yovanna Ventura, Ariadna Gutiérrez, and more. Streaming November 19

  • The third season of Hanna continues the journey of an extraordinary young woman (Esmé Creed-Miles), who was created by the sinister organization Utrax and trained to be an assassin. Hanna is now secretly trying to destroy Utrax from the inside with the help of her previous nemesis, former-CIA agent Marissa Wiegler (Mireille Enos). The story crisscrosses Europe and builds to a dramatic climax when Hanna and Marissa discover the true, horrifying scope of the operation and who was ultimately behind it all. Available in UHD and HDR. Streaming November 24

  • In Do, Re & Mi Holiday Special: Merry Nestivus, it’s holiday time in Beebopsburgh! Do Re and Mi set out in their sled to find snow on Music Mountain to bring back to their friends. On their journey, they discover musical gifts and sounds along the way. Will they be able to save Nestivus with snow? Maybe the gift of music might be all they need in this heart-warming holiday tale. Streaming November 24

  • Anni da cane (Dog Years) tells the story of Stella, a clumsy, cynical, imaginative and tormented teenage girl. After a life-changing car accident involving a dog, she convinces herself she must count her age in dog years: one year of her life counts for seven, and now that she’s turning sixteen, she is a centennial. For this reason, Stella thinks she has not much time left to live and pens a bucket list of all the things she would like to achieve before she dies. With the help of her best friends, Nina and Giulio, Stella begins to live life in the fast lane; skipping steps in fear that she won’t have time to experience it all. But a chance encounter with Matteo, an introverted, shy boy her age, will make her question everything and completely change her perspective. Streaming November 26

  • From the lens of Academy® and Emmy-award winning Australian filmmaker Eva Orner, Burning takes an unflinching look at the unprecedented and catastrophic Australian bushfires of 2019-2020, known as ‘Black Summer.’ Fueled by climate change, the nation’s hottest and driest summer ever recorded resulted in bushfires that burned over 59 million acres, killed an estimated three billion animals, and affected millions of Australians. Streaming November 29

Native American Heritage Month

To celebrate Native American Heritage Month, Prime Video will feature a curated selection of titles to honor the culture, traditions and impacts of Native people. The selection of titles will feature Native American actors, producers, writers, and filmmakers and includes:

Holiday Titles

Tis the season for holiday movies and nostalgic titles that bring comfort and joy! We will be sharing a complete list of festive flicks in the coming weeks, but in the meantime Prime Members can watch titles such as It’s A Wonderful Life, If You Give a Mouse a Christmas Cookie, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Princess Bride, Sister, Sister, and Diff’rent Strokes at no additional cost to their membership.

New Movies to Prime Video:

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) – Part campy musical, part horror film, the movie details the travails of a squeaky clean couple stranded at a creepy castle where the inhabitants sing and dance through a bacchanalian romp of murder, bisexuality and cannibalism. Streaming Now

  • Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) – Robin Williams is hilarious as a divorced actor who disguises himself as a sweet family nanny to get near his children. Streaming November 1

  • Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) – Fortysomething Cal Weaver has the perfect life…until his wife Emily asks for a divorce. Now Cal has to navigate the single scene, but his heart keeps leading him back to where he began. Streaming November 1

  • Finding You (2021) – An unlikely romance is sparked when an aspiring violinist encounters a heartthrob movie star filming his new fantasy-action film in an Irish coastal village. Streaming November 12

Can’t Miss Series

  • Supermansion: S1– Aging superhero, Titanium Rex (Bryan Cranston), and his has-been team known as The League of Freedom struggle to stay relevant in a changing world, all the while with Rex, Cooch (Heidi Gardner), American Ranger (Keegan-Michael Key) and the rest of the crew finding it’s sometimes easier to take down villains than live together harmoniously under one roof. Now Streaming

Prime Video Channels Sampling:

Here’s what’s new on IMDb TV (Amazon’s premium free streaming service) in November

IMDb TV Originals:

  • Judy Justice The Honorable Judy Sheindlin, retired Judge of the Manhattan family Court, brings her signature blend of sharp wit and wisdom, hilarious candor and unwavering honesty that has made her America’s favorite judge for over 25 years, as she presides over real cases, arbitrates binding decisions and delivers what only she can: “Judy Justice.” She is accompanied by a cast consisting of a law clerk, court stenographer and bailiff. Streaming November 1

New Movies on IMDb TV:

  • DivergentIn a world divided by factions based on virtues, Tris learns she’s Divergent and won’t fit in. When she discovers a plot to destroy Divergents, Tris and the mysterious Four must find out what makes Divergents dangerous before it’s too late. Streaming November 1

  • 12 Years a Slave – In the antebellum United States, Solomon Northup, a free black man from upstate New York, is abducted and sold into slavery. Streaming November 1

  • Slumdog Millionaire – A Mumbai teenager reflects on his life after being accused of cheating on the Indian version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”. Streaming November 1

  • Predator – A team of commandos on a mission in a Central American jungle find themselves hunted by an extraterrestrial warrior. Streaming November 1

Live Sports

  • November’s Thursday Night Football schedule on Prime Video continues with three games airing live at 8:20pm ET/5:20pm PT. TNF on Prime Video is free with a Prime membership, with access across hundreds of compatible devices including Fire TV and Fire tablet, web browsers, and Android and iOS mobile devices, and streams in more than 240 countries and territories around the world. Beginning with the 2022 season, Prime Video will carry 15 exclusive Thursday Night Football games and one preseason game per year through 2032.

November’s Thursday Night Football schedule is below:

Prime Video New in November – Available to Prime members at no additional cost to their membership

October 8


10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

12 Dates Of Christmas (2011)

Bride Wars (2009)

Casino Royale (2006)

Date Night (2010)

Die Another Day (2002)

Goldeneye (1995)

Hidalgo (2004)

Jack (1996)

John Tucker Must Die (2006)

Judge Dredd (1995)

Knight And Day (2010)

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Love & Other Drugs (2010)

Marley & Me (2008)

Meet The Spartans (2008)

Moulin Rouge (2001)

No Sleep ‘Til Christmas (2018)

Quantum Of Solace (2008)

Shanghai Knights (2003)

Shanghai Noon (2000)

The Sitter (2011)

The A-Team (2010)

The Princess Bride (1987)

The Rocker (2008)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

The World Is Not Enough (1999)

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Tooth Fairy 2 (2012)

We Bought A Zoo (2011)


Supermansion: Season 1

November 1


50/50 (2011)

Alien (1979)

Alien 3 (1992)

Alien Resurrection (1997)

Alien Vs. Predator (2004)

Alpha Dog (2005)

American Assassin (2017)

Born On The Fourth Of July (1989)

Bringing Down The House (2003)

Casanova, Last Love (2021)

Cast Away (2000)

Children Of Men (2006)

Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

Dan In Real Life (2007)

Dead Poets Society (1989)

Dragonball Evolution (2009)

Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000)

Eragon (2006)

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Gnomeo & Juliet (2011)

Hope Springs Eternal (2018)

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007)

In Time (2011)

It’s Complicated (2009)

Jane Eyre (2011)

Jingle All The Way (1996)

Jingle All The Way 2 (2014)

Johnny English (2003)

Kung Pow: Enter The Fist (2002)

Major Payne (1995)

Meet Dave (2008)

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Predator 2 (1990)

Rushmore (1999)

Sleeping With The Enemy (1991)

Snatch (2000)

Stuck On You (2003)

The Big Year (2011)

The Black Dahlia (2006)

The Constant Gardener (2005)

The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008)

The House Bunny (2008)

The Nutty Professor (1996)

The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000)

Three Men And A Baby (1987)

Undercover Brother (2002)

Vanity Fair (2004)

Vantage Point (2008)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

Wild Hogs (2007)

Wimbledon (2004)


Baking with Julia: Season 1 (PBS Living)

Baptiste: Season 1 (PBS Masterpiece)

Courage the Cowardly Dog: Season 1 (Boomerang)

Family Business: Season 1 (Acorn TV)

Irresponsable: Season 1 (Topic)

Ladies of the Law: Season 1 (ALLBLK)

Magellan: Season 1 (MHz Choice)

Mega Disasters: Season 1 (HISTORY Vault)

Native America: Season 1 (PBS Documentaries)

Noggin Knows: Season 1 (Noggin)

Power Book II: Ghost: Season 1 (STARZ)

Rectify: Season 1 (AMC+)

Red Road: Season 1 (AMC+)

The Lucy Show: Season 1 (Best TV Ever)

The Restaurant: Season 1 (Sundance Now)

The Roy Rogers Show: Season 1 (Best TV Ever)

Under Suspicion: Season 1 (PBS Masterpiece)

Wheeler Dealers: Season 1 (MotorTrend)

November 5


*The Electrical Life of Louis Wain – Amazon Original Movie (2021)

Snowmance (2017)

The Spruces And The Pines (2017)


*Pete the Cat – Amazon Original Series: New Episodes

*Tampa Baes – Amazon Original Series: Season 1

November 12


*Mayor Pete – Amazon Original Movie (2021)

Finding You (2021)


*Always Jane – Amazon Original Series: Season 1

November 16


Beginners (2011)

November 19


*Everybody Loves Natti – Amazon Original Series: Season 1

*The Wheel of Time – Amazon Original Series: Season 1

November 20


Here Comes The Boom (2012)

November 24


*Hanna – Amazon Original Series: Season 3


*Do, Re & Mi Holiday Special: Merry Nestivus – Amazon Original Special (2021)

November 26


*Anni da cane (Dog Years) – Amazon Original Movie (2021)

November 29


*Burning – Amazon Original Movie (2021)

IMDb TV New in November – Available for free, no Prime membership needed


November 1

*Judy Justice – IMDb TV Original Series: Season 1


November 1

12 Years a Slave (2013)

48 Hrs. (1982)

A Belle for Christmas (2014)

Another 48 Hrs. (1990)

Casper and Wendy’s Ghostly Adventures (2002)

Die Hard (1988)

Die Hard 2 (1990)

Divergent (2014)

Drive (2011)

Due Date (2010)

EuroTrip (2004)

Feliz Navidad (2006)

Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)

Happy Christmas (2014)

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

Holy Man (1998)

How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998)

I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009)

In Search of Santa (2004)

Jingle Bells (1999)

Midway (2019)

Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)

My Adventures with Santa (2019)

O’ Christmas Tree (1999)

People Like Us (2012)

Poetic Justice (1993)

Predator (1987)

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003)

Sixteen Candles (1984)

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

Southpaw (2015)

Stan & Ollie (2018)

That Awkward Moment (2014)

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009)

The Divergent Series: Allegiant (2016)

The Divergent Series: Insurgent (2015)

The Good Shepherd (2006)

The Happy Elf (2005)

The Mask of Zorro (1998)

The Monuments Men (2014)

The Other Woman (2014)

Tin Cup (1996)

White Boy Rick (2018)

Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008)

November 11

Goosebumps (2015)

November 12

Fruitvale Station (2013)

November 14

Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You (2017)

November 18

Nine (2009)

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