FIN: Eli Roth Shark Doc Is A Global Warning

Eli Roth in FIN by Joe Romeiro. Courtesy of discovery+

FIN, the new documentary directed by Eli Roth and executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way, launches on discovery+.

In a lot of ways, this is a horror film. No, not because of sharks taking the big focus. It’s because of what fishermen are doing to sharks in general. It is a global shanda that we are not doing enough! Listen, I’ve been scared of sharks since before I watched Jaws for the first time. What we–as a people–are doing to sharks is harmful and it needs to stop. Shark oil is being used for skin care products and vaccines when plant-based alternatives exist. And what’s more? Corporations do not need to disclose their inclusion in:

  • Lip balm
  • Lipstick
  • Lip gloss
  • Foundation
  • Eye Makeup
  • Skin Moisturizer
  • Anti-aging cream
  • Sunscreen

Squalene has been added to the flu and malaria vaccines and most unfortunately, it’s been used in testing for the Covid-19 vaccines. This fact alone could kill some 500,000 sharks just to meet the demand! This should really make you think twice!

There’s so much to take away from viewing the film. I cannot help but feel sick. Eli Roth spans many continents and countries to get behind the mystery surrounding the deaths of so many sharks. Roth is not alone in the venture. The actor is joined by scientists, researchers, and activists. If you’re familiar with Sea of Shadows, it should come as no surprise that Sea Shepherd is also involved. This organization is crucial in defending, conserving, and protecting the ocean. Illegal fishing is their main focus especially since it usually goes unreported. If current trends continue, scientists are predicting that the major fisheries will collapse by 2048. With the shark population currently going in a downward trend, this collapse could happen quicker.

Spain and Indonesia generally flip the top spot each year when it comes to the top ten global shark exporter rankings. The United States also rests comfortably in the top ten. Meanwhile, Congress came close to banning sales of shark fins during the last session. Florida Senator Marco Rubio needs to answer for blocking legislation. Why? Why is trading shark fins so important, Senator Rubio? The Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act was reintroduced this past April in both the House and the Senate. No action has been taken other than to refer it to committee. I know there’s a pandemic going on but this is NO EXCUSE to not take any action!

Here’s a scary takeaway from watching the film–millions of people unknowingly consume toxic shark meat deceptively labeled with the following names:

  • Rock Salmon
  • Bolillo
  • Dogfish
  • Whitefish
  • Surimi (Imitation Crab)
  • Flake
  • Catfish
  • Sea Ham
  • Lemon Fish

This is also something that we rarely hear about let alone discuss with others. It is honestly news to me. Perhaps it might be news to you? The question we must ask ourselves is what can we do to stop the shark fin trade? For starters, the main thing that we as humans certainly need to do is target illegal fishing first and foremost. Elected officials need to take action. I cannot stress this enough. Maybe the UN could do something. But will they? I doubt it.

Media loves to celebrate Shark Week. We see it on the likes of Discovery and National Geographic. What happens when we no longer have sharks to celebrate? I’ll wait. It is urgent that we start trying to find solutions to the questions at hand. And to government leaders across the globe, I have one message: Please stop enabling illegal fishing!

Three ways you can help save Sharks

  1. STOP consuming all Shark products and meat.
  2. DEMAND Corporations use “Shark Free” labels for their products.
  3. SUPPORT legislation for a total ban on all Shark fishing.

FIN may be a horror film but it’s a global warning to all humanity. If you don’t have discovery+, it’s worth looking into a trial subscription.


discovery+ launches FIN on July 13, 2021.

Danielle Solzman

Danielle Solzman is native of Louisville, KY, and holds a BA in Public Relations from Northern Kentucky University and a MA in Media Communications from Webster University. She roots for her beloved Kentucky Wildcats, St. Louis Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts, and Boston Celtics. Living less than a mile away from Wrigley Field in Chicago, she is an active reader (sports/entertainment/history/biographies/select fiction) and involved with the Chicago improv scene. She also sees many movies and reviews them. She has previously written for Redbird Rants, Wildcat Blue Nation, and Hidden Remote/Flicksided. From April 2016 through May 2017, her film reviews can be found on Creators.