The Mighty Ducks Reunion Interviews: Part 2

Justin Wong, Garette Henson, Marguerite Moreau, Emilio Estevez, Vincent LaRusso, Elden Henson, and Matt Doherty reunite for THE MIGHTY DUCKS: GAME CHANGERS - "Spirit of the Ducks" (Disney/Liane Hentscher)

In part two of The Mighty Ducks reunion interviews, Solzy at the Movies sat down with Vinny La Russo, Garrete Henson, and Justin Wong.

La Russo, Henson, and Wong are among six original generation Ducks to appear in the April 30 reunion episode. The Spirit of the Ducks Gala is what leads to the reunion. Check back on Friday for my thoughts on that episode and don’t forget to check out part 1 of my interviews with The Mighty Ducks!

How did it feel to put on the uniform again?

Vinny La Russo: Terrific. I think we would all agree. I don’t want to speak for everybody—it was terrific. The rush back of memories—especially the uniform mixed with all the faces and everything from behind the camera, Steve Brill. It was pretty amazing.

Garrete Henson: Yeah, it felt like an elaborate experiential therapy session. To just really be transported back to a different time in your life with all the same people, the same environment, and even down to putting on the same wardrobe. It was really special. It sort of felt like a once in a lifetime thing.

Justin Wong: Yeah, it was definitely surreal walking into the studio and seeing that arena built and then all the cameras and all the gear on the ice. It brought back a lot of memories.

D3: The Mighty Ducks is turning 25 in October. How does it feel to know that an entirely new generation is being introduced to The Mighty Ducks?

Garrete Henson: It feels wonderful because they did such a great job. I’m just so impressed with the show. I’m so impressed with the writing and the acting. Lauren Graham is just fantastic as the coach and I’m really, really happy that they took their time with it and did it right.

Justin Wong: I really like the premise of the Ducks being the corporate team that kind of turned into the Hawks in a way. And then all of a sudden you got these Don’t Bothers, who are the new underdog trying to do what the Ducks did so long ago.

Vinny La Russo: Yeah, I love that switch that that’s what the Ducks are now and the Game Changers are someone new, which obviously parallels a new generation that Game Changers are going to change. I love that whole thing.

If the opportunity presents itself, would you come back for another season or even D4 if that ever happens?

Vinny La Russo: Yeah, I think so. I think we’d all be a resounding yes on that. I mean, D4 has been talked about I think since the year after D3 was released so sure. I think it would be it’d be amazing.

Justin Wong: I wonder what D4 would be about (laughs). But yes, definitely at the drop of a dime. If I ever get the call, I’ll be there again.

Vinny La Russo: Garrett, you’d agree?

Garette Henson: Yeah, I would definitely come back. I mean, I think at different stages in my life, that would have either been a no or I hope that I don’t have to answer that question. Right? Because I would feel like no but I’m so grateful for those movies and what they represent to people that Yeah, a D4 would be would be really funny. But as far as the show goes, yeah, I would love to come back. It’s such a good show that I’m really proud to be a part of it and would love to continue to be a part of it.

How often do you stay in touch with other Ducks?

Vinny La Russo: Well, we stay in touch now especially the group that just filmed. We’re all sort of living our own paths so it’s not constant. But I think there’s enough contact that when we do all get together for like a signing or reunion or something, it’s always old friends.

Justin Wong: Yeah, I’ve always felt like kind of a bit on an island up here in Canada. It seems like either LA or New York, a few people would have run-ins. Until a couple of reunions, I hadn’t seen anybody since the wrap of D3. I feel like ever since even the Anaheim Ducks Silver Week and then especially this episode now, the six of us have connected in a really nice way. I hope that if future OG Ducks come up to Vancouver to do season two if it gets signed, I hope that those people connect in the same way as well.

The one thing this episode really missed was Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson).

Vinny La Russo: There’s probably a couple characters if not all that we could list and they would have been a blast to have.

I’m trying to figure out like how Kenan Thompson (Russ Tyler in the films) would fit it on his schedule.

Garette Henson: Yeah, I think they were trying to figure that out. I think he would like to be out some of the time in the future but it would be great. It’d be great to not only have Charlie back but it would be great to see Josh.

Vinny La Russo: Yeah.

Thank you guys so much and elementary school me would be super excited to know what I’m doing today.

Justin Wong: Awesome.

Garette Henson: Thanks, Danielle.

Vinny La Russo: Thanks, Danielle.

The Mighty Ducks reunite in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers “Spirit of the Ducks” episode on April 30, 2021 exclusively on Disney+.

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