American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules Now on DVD

Piper Curda, Lizze Broadway, Natasha Behnam and Madison Pettis star in American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules. Credit: Courtesy of Universal 1440 Entertainment

American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules arrives on DVD as the fifth installment in the American Pie Presents Direct-DVD spin-off series.

One of the things that sets this film apart from the previous spin-offs is that it is the first film to not feature Eugene Levy in the cast.  Levy first portrayed Jim’s dad, Noah Levenstein, in 1999 but of course, the actor has been busy with Schitt’s Creek.  At the same time, an appearance by the comedy legend would have really just been fan service.  But I digress.  This film isn’t about Eugene Levy or any of the original franchise stars.

If there are any other constants throughout the years, it’s a member of the Stifler family and East Great Falls High School.  In this case, Stephanie Stifler (Lizze Broadway) is the only Stifler in the film.  Stephanie is a one of the four seniors at the core of this film.  The other three being Annie (Madison Pettis), Kayla (Piper Curda), and Michelle (Natasha Behnam).  Just like the first American Pie film, these four decide to make a pact with each other and it is what drives the plot forward.  They get about the same amount of screen time for what it’ worth.

The film’s third act features familiar territory.  It isn’t without any kind of sentimentality, of course.  I should also warn you now, a dance scene plays throughout the end credits and there is a post-credits tag.

In all honesty, I’m lukewarm on the film.  I would not necessarily say that I hated it.  The comedy is certainly cringe-worthy but that’s just about expected from this franchise.  We’re talking about a film that gets its name from a penis going into a pie!  But with four high school women taking the lead, I do think the film could have benefited from having female writers if not a female director.  I don’t know if there will be a sixth film in the spin-off series but I hope that something can be done on that front.

I don’t understand the introducing credit for Barry Bostwick since the actor has been around for a while.  The actor is involved in what I feel is the film’s funniest sequence.  And yes, it most certainly includes a pie.  Because why wouldn’t it?!?  Anyway, the sequence also includes a bit that goes against common sense.  How can somebody jump fall out of a two-story home and come away without any kind of injury?!?  It just makes zero sense!

American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules doesn’t stray away from the format with the exception of putting women front and center.

In addition to the film being released on DVD and Digital, American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules is also streaming on Netflix.

DIRECTOR: Mike Elliott
SCREENWRITERS: Blayne Weaver and David H. Steinberg
CAST: Madison Pettis, Lizze Broadway, Piper Curda, Natasha Behnam, Darren Barnet, Zachary Gordon, Camaron Engels, Christian Valderrama, Introducing Barry Bostwick with Ed Quinn with Sara Rue and Danny Trejo

Universal 1440 Entertainment released American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules on DVD and Digital on October 6, 2020. Grade: 3/5

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