Washington: History Miniseries Arrives on DVD

Recreations of George Washington from HISTORY's three-night miniseries event "Washington." Photo by Horia Manolache. Copyright 2020.

Washington, the History Channel miniseries executive produced by Doris Kearns Goodwin and narrated by Jeff Daniels, is now available on DVD.

The three-night miniseries first aired over Presidents’ Day weekend in February.  The release comes at a time when the nation is grappling with the Founding Fathers’ legacy.  Washington features a mix of dramatic recreations and commentary in 258 minutes.

We all know the basics about our nation’s first president, George Washington–recreated by Nicholas Rowe.  The man on the $1 bill was a general during the American Revolution. There is also the famous story of crossing the Delaware.  Moreover, he led the American colonies to victory over the British.  But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the general (Okay, that’s a Hamilton reference).  This miniseries explores the full scale of Washington’s life much in the same way that a biography does.  Granted, the three nights also mix  in live action sequences with excerpts from Washington’s letters.  A roster of experts, historians, and scholars also help to tell Washington’s story.  President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Colin Powell are among the most notable in offering their commentary.


Narrated by Primetime Emmy winner Jeff Daniels, Washington tells the story of a young soldier who becomes the leader of men in a liberty-or-death campaign to forge a new nation. At the zenith of his power, George Washington retires to live out his days as a farmer. But with the young country on the verge of collapse, he is once again called to lead, creating the most powerful democracy in history. Executive produced by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and best-selling author Doris Kearns Goodwin, and featuring commentary from former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and a number of esteemed historians, Washington chips away the marble to reveal the man at the heart of our nation’s story.

DIRECTORS:  Roel Reiné and Matt Ginsburg
NARRATOR:  Jeff Daniels
FEATURING:  Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, Joseph J. Ellis, Annette Gordon-Reed, Jon Meacham, Alan Taylor
CAST:  Nicholas Rowe, James Robinson, Nicholas Audsley, and Nia Roberts

Washington is now available on DVD.

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