Never Again Is Now: Timely Given Antisemitism

The Tree of Life memorial as seen in Never Again Is Now.

Never Again Is Now is a timely documentary given the rise in antisemitism on both sides of the political spectrum all over the globe.

Every time that I get a breaking news alert from a Jewish organization, I fear the worst. Unfortunately, these emails hit my inbox more often than preferable of late. Most recently, it came during a shooting in front of a German synagogue.

Never Again is Now comes from Dutch lesbian Evelyn Markus, the co-founder of Network on Antisemitism. Evelyn fled to the United States with partner Rosa Zeegers over ten years ago. This is due to European antisemitism that has grown worse throughout the past several years. The film is grounded through their stories especially when it comes to the Holocaust.

Not only does Evelyn share her story as the daughter of Holocaust survivors but she speaks with other commentators. Yes, this also includes conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. He opens up about being on the receiving end of many antisemitic tweets. No matter how one feels about Shapiro (believe me, I have strong feelings when it comes to his transphobic views), there is a rising tide of antisemitism across the globe. There are other commentators that have drawn their own share of controversy in the past. To each their own, I suppose.

One of the things that the film focuses on is how members of the far-left are joining members of the far-right in their antisemitism. (Edit: Please see my review of Antisemitism because this what we mean when we discuss horseshoe theory). This is something that I’ve spoken out about for a while. Maybe people will understand what I mean when they actually see this sort of thing play out on film. It’s saddening and yet most of the time, these sort of things take place on college campuses. (Another edit: look at the rhetoric on college campuses in 2023). Usually, it’s under the disguise of protesting Israel. But if one were to simply protest Israel, why would they turn to vandalizing Jewish-owned property in America? This is why many of us believe that anti-Zionism is also antisemitism. (Edit: Again, look at what is taking place in 2023.)

The discussion about college campuses can be a documentary in its own right. Sadly, it’s not ending anytime soon. The antisemitism on college campuses is only growing worse by the day. (Edit: Look at 2023. Do you see what I mean? Why are people targeting Jewish students on campus? Why is it that people threaten kosher dining halls? What about forcing students to stay in the library because of pro-Hamas protestors banging on the doors?).

While Yom HaShoah would have served a fitting release date, we’re approaching the one year anniversary of the Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh. There have been a countless number of incidents during the past year. As Jews, we expect to be safe in synagogues. We shouldn’t be forced to live a life of fear because of antisemites.

Never Again Is Now should serve as a conversation starter but more importantly, this film should be seen by our non-Jewish friends, too.

DIRECTOR:  Ryan Cost, Nick Jones, Evelyn Markus
FEATURING:  Evelyn Markus, Rosa Zeegers, Frank Towers, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Rabbi Raphael Evers, Bloeme Evers, David Beesemer, Geert Wilders, Leon de Winter, Qanta Ahmed, Ben Shapiro

Never Again is Now is now available on Digital. Grade: 4/5

Danielle Solzman

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