Rom Com Fest 2019: Tracks

Chris (Chris Willoughby) and Lucy (April Pearson) in Tracks.

Tracks is a small little indie film that takes us across Europe while one couple figures out just where their relationship is supposed to go.

Lucy (April Pearson) and Chris (Chris Willoughby) are both in somewhat of a pickle.  Neither of them really remember what it is that drew them to the other person in the first place.  So what do the two of them decide to do as a result?  They decide to take a trip to the many romantic destinations that Europe has to offer.  One can’t go on a tour through Europe without capturing the majestic Eiffel Tower in the backdrop.

Like any relationship, a vacation isn’t always the answer.  Yeah, one can take in the beautiful sights this won’t be enough to make up what will happen upon returning home.  I can’t stress the visuals enough and credit the crew in accomplishing so much in so little time.  It’s no surprise that Lucy and Chris have a different impression of what this trip will be.  Will it be enough to save their relationship?  This is surely going to be the question of the hour–or 86 minutes.

What aims to set Tracks apart from other romantic comedies is this impulsive move to travel through Europe.  I had issues with the pacing at times but other than that, the film is perfectly okay.  Both April Pearson and Chris Willoughby have the required chemistry needed to pull it off.  The film marks Willoughby’s largest role to date.

Tracks feels like a tribute to the greatness that Europe has to offer but the film is ultimately indie filmmaking at its finest.  Never mind the fact that this film was shot with a minimal crew.  This film was produced in 11 cities over the course of 14 days.  All of this despite shooting the film on a microbudget.  It’s certainly something of an accomplishment to say the least.

DIRECTOR:  Jamie Patterson
SCREENWRITERS:  Jamie Patterson, Chris Willoughby, April Pearson, Finn Bruce
CAST:  April Pearson, Chris Willoughby

Tracks screened in competition during the 2019 Rom Com Fest. Grade: 3.5/5

Danielle Solzman

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