Tribeca 2019: I Think She Likes You

Left to right: Julia (Teresa Lee), Jake (Josh Fadem), and Justine (Christine Medrano) in I Think She Likes You. Photo by Carissa Dorson.

I Think She Likes You has us thinking that it is one type of comedy but the reality is that there’s something hiding just beneath the surface.

A night at the bar takes a quick turn into something else for Jake (Josh Fadem) when he meets Julia (Teresa Lee).  Julia spots Justine (Christine Medrano) across the way and thinks she likes Jake.  The next thing we know, Jake finds himself in a threesome with both Julia and Justine.  Once they get back to Julia and Justine’s place, things take a different turn.  It’s not just that they play 20 questions with Jake but it feels as if something is hiding just beneath the surface.

It turns out that Justine is afraid to come out to her mom.  You can’t help but feel for Justine with having to hide these feelings from her mom.  As soon as we learn this, it makes for an added layer to Justine as a character.  It seems to have also taken a toll on her relationship with Julia, too.  If you can’t be honest with yourself, how are you expected to be honest with others?

I like Bridey Elliott’s direction with this film and it’s well-acted, too.  Teresa Lee and Christine Medrano have written a script that touches on a few things.  Even though it starts out in one direction, Justine and Julia are in a better place by the end of the film.  Or at least on the road to a better place if we want to put it that way.  Elliott has proven herself to be a solid filmmaker with a previous feature and short.  I Think She Likes You is no exception.

DIRECTOR:  Bridey Elliott
SCREENWRITERS:  Teresa Lee, Christine Medrano
CAST:  Christine Medrano, Teresa Lee, Josh Fadem

I Think She Likes You held its New York premiere during the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival in the Shorts program.

Danielle Solzman

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