Tribeca 2019: Hook Up 2.0

Veronica Dunne and Billy Meade in Hook Up 2.0

Hook Up 2.0 re-imagines what the late night hook up would be if a Rotten Tomatoes type program was used for potential mates.

A sorority girl (Veronica Dunne) is a finalist for a program that she invented.  To see if it works, she needs to try it out on someone (Billy Meade).  When he requires her to consent as to how far she’s willing to go, she takes things up a notch.  Not only does she pull out her phone and have him agree to a standard personal release but places cameras and a microphone in various areas of the bedroom.  The cameras have been tested to provide the best possible angles of the two making out.

I can understand how something like this could be uncomfortable.  Imagine knowing that you’re make-out session could be uploaded to the cloud indefinitely!  It certainly depends on the statute of limitations in each state.  The real discomfort may come with the whole Rotten Tomatoes aspect.  The moment in which he scores an NWI, she decides to stop because he’s not worth it.

Disney Channel veteran Veronica Dunne shows that she certainly has the talent to break out of the Disney roles.  Even though the film is short at just under 8 minutes, there’s enough of Dunne here to see how can transition into this next level of her career.  At the same time, Hook Up 2.0 is a solid example of what it means to shoot with a female gaze rather than a male gaze.

Dana Nachman’s newest short film makes for a really fascinating premise.  Imagine going through your college years with this app!  Imagine thinking that you’ve met your soulmate only to learn that he didn’t score high enough!

CAST:  Veronica Dunne, Billy Meade

Hook Up 2.0 held its New York premiere during the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival in the Shorts program.

Danielle Solzman

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