Patrick Will Still Your Heart With Cuteness

Beattie Edmonson as Sarah Francis and Patrick as himself. Patrick will be opening for One-Night Event on February 11th & in Select Theaters on February 15th from Screen Media. Courtesy of Screen Media.

Patrick is a cute little comedy that comes from across the pond in Britain but let’s be honest in that we’re only watching for the lovable pug.

The only thing that Sarah Francis (Beattie Edmondson) was looking forward to doing was starting her new job as an English teacher.  Her grandmother (Ann Queensberry) had other plans when she suddenly dropped dead.  Her death is sad but she only serves one tragic purpose her by moving the plot forward.  As we watch the funeral play out, we can see the hurt in Patrick’s eyes.  As any dog lover can tell you, there’s an unbreakable bond between us and our dogs.  Just as we grieve upon putting them to sleep and ending their suffering, they also grieve for their humans.

“We’re a match made in hell!” Sarah quips upon learning that she would be getting her grandmother’s dog.

While anybody would kill to bring home a dog, this law school drop out isn’t a dog lover.  Despite her children wanting him, her sister is unable to take him due to allergies.  Aside from working for hours as a teacher, Sarah lives in a flat that doesn’t allow dogs.  While unfortunate, this means that she–and neighbor Celia (Gemma Jones)–have to be very careful.  Oh, right.  Patrick is a spoiled rotten brat!  On Sarah’s very first day, Patrick declares war against…her flat.  Her slippers are as good as gone.

Patrick as himself.
Patrick as himself. Patrick will be opening for One-Night Event on February 11th & in Select Theaters on February 15th from Screen Media. Courtesy of Screen Media.

For all the hell that Patrick brings upon Sarah’s life, taking him for a walk means meeting Ben (Tom Bennett) and Oliver (Ed Skrein) in the park.  Thankfully, the film doesn’t throw us for a loop by adding a love triangle here.  Disaster thankfully gets averted!  Though Patrick somehow manages to stow away on a boat and find his way back home.  Umm, didn’t we just see this movie?!?

Director Mandie Fletcher is able to reteam with some of her actors from Absolutely Fabulous, including star Beattie Edmondson.  This proves to be a benefit to the film because this comes with ready-made chemistry with co-stars Emily Attack and Jennifer Saunders.  Though to be fair, Edmondson is Saunders’ daughter.  This makes for an extra special touch.  In a comedy such as this one, chemistry is key.  Without chemistry, it would simply be impossible to sell the relationships on screen.

I’m a sucker for canine films and while it’s not the greatest film in the world, Patrick surely steals the show.

DIRECTOR:  Mandie Fletcher
SCREENWRITERS:  Vanessa Davies and Mandi Fletcher and Paul de Vos
CAST:  Beattie Edmondson, Ed Skrein, Tom Bennett, Emily Atack, Jennifer Saunders, Gemma Jones, Adrian Scarborough, Bernard Cribbins, Roy Hudd, Peter Davison, Cherie Lunghi, Emilia Jones, Meera Syal, Patricia Potter, Mckell David, Scott Chambers, Ali Barouti, Denese Rickets

Screen Media Films opens Patrick in theaters and VOD on February 15, 2019. Grade: 3/5

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