Ralph Breaks the Internet is Awesome

Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) and Ralph (John C. Reilly) in Ralph Breaks the Internet. Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.

Ralph Breaks the Internet takes advantage of the corporate Disney synergy in this awesome, fun, and magnificent sequel to Wreck-It Ralph.

It’s been since years since Ralph (John C. Reilly) had a complete meltdown and left his game.   Since this time, Vanellope Von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman) have grown to become best friends.  Because she’s been looking for new challenges, Ralph decides to change things in her game.  This is good and all but when those inside the game take full control, those paying to play have to fight for control.  The steering wheel breaks off of the Sugar Rush game, leaving many characters gameless.  It’s too expensive to replace a part for a game that doesn’t even make the money worth it.

Things soon change when Litwak (Ed O’Neill) installs a wi-fi router.  This opens up a whole new world.  Surge (Phil Johnston) places the internet off limits for their own good. Ralph is starting to feel bad so he decides to save Vanellope’s game.  The internet is a vast place so the two of them are in over their heads.  The all-knowing KnowsMore (Alan Tudyk) puts them in the right direction.  When they finally find the steering wheel inside the vast eBay building, the auction is ending.  If only they had previous experience, the film would soon be over.  This isn’t the case son alas, the film continues with the two needing to find a lot of money.

J.P Spamley puts them on a quest that takes them inside Slaughter Race in order to take Shank’s (Gal Gadot) car.  If Vanellope is looking for a new challenge, she sure finds it here!  Shank sends them over to BuzzzTube, where they meet Yesss (Taraji P. Henson), the head algorithm).  All your favorite online videos are here but with a new twist!  This will certainly be an a part of the film that appeals to parents, young adults, and teenagers more so than young children.  Because of the corporate synergy at hand, Yesss sends Vanellope to the Disney site so more people can watch the videos.

When it looks like Ralph is losing Vanellope to Slaughter Race, he does the one thing that he shouldn’t do–Ralph breaks the internet by installing a virus in a game.  Naturally, the virus does more than intended and eventually, there’s a Kong-size Ralph climbing up Google Tower.  This speaks to the important themes of friendship that the film focuses on.  Ralph doesn’t want to lose her and will do ANYTHING IT TAKES to prevent her from staying in the internet.  If it means unleashing a virus and breaking the internet, he’ll do it!

It’s not a spoiler to say that the Disney princesses appear in the sequel.  Their appearances, however, are just one small part of the corporate synergy and it’s a cinematic first!  Never before in Disney history have all the Disney princesses appeared in the same film.  This even includes Merida (Brave) and “she’s from the other studio!”  Thankfully, it’s not just a blink-and-miss-it cameo.  They actually have a substantial role to play!  If their role weren’t meaningful, I would have been disappointed.

Walt Disney Animation Studios play to the fan service by taking full advantage of their properties.  This isn’t limited to Disney staples Grumpy (Corey Burton) and Eeyore (Brad Garrett).  These two characters are seen on the poster.  There are so many more!  The fact that almost all of the actors return to voice these legendary characters show much care has gone into the making of the sequel.  If you thought someone had their best cameo ever in a certain film, Ralph Breaks The Internet tops it to say the least.

As far as the animation goes, Zootopia opened new doors for what Disney can do with cities.  This has largely been surpassed by Ralph Breaks the Internet.  Many of our favorite sites are represented, be it the Social Media District or whatever.  This film features some of the best animation of the year!

It wouldn’t be an animated Disney film without a new song.  “A Place Called Slaughter Race” is composed by the great Alan Menken with lyrics from Phil Johnston and Tom MacDougall.  This “I want” song happens in the most Disney way possible.  Imagine Dragons perform “Zero” during the end credits while Julia Michaels sings “In This Place.”

Ralph Breaks The Internet may play to the fan service through corporate synergy but friendship still serves as the heart and soul of this franchise.

DIRECTORS:  Rich Moore, Phil Johnston
SCREENWRITERS:  Phil Johnston and Pamela Ribon
CAST:  John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Alan Tudyk, Alfred Molina, Ed O’Neill, Timothy Simons, Ali Wong, Hamish Blake, Glozell Green, and Taraji P. Henson

Walt Disney Pictures will open Ralph Breaks the Internet in theaters on November 21, 2018.

Danielle Solzman

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