Josh Hopkins talks Mail Order Monster

Josh Hopkins and Madison Horcher in Mail Order Monster. Courtesy of Film Mode Entertainment.

Actor Josh Hopkins spoke with Solzy at the Movies about the family drama, Mail Order Monster, and the Kentucky Wildcats.

Josh Hopkins
Josh Hopkins

You play Roy Pepper in Mail Order Monster.  What was it about this character that appealed to you in reading Paulina Lagudi and Marc Prey’s script?

Josh Hopkins:  He’s a good hearted guy in a difficult situation. There are a lot of emotions competing  for his attention. He’s still dealing with a lot of family tragedy and  grief, he’s struggling to help his daughter and he’s managed to fall in love amidst it all. As an actor that’s fertile ground.

This film speaks to the themes of loss and bullying but more importantly, it shows the effect that it has on Sam (Madison Horcher).  What’s the message that people should take away in watching the film?

Josh Hopkins:  Everyone you see is dealing with issues and problems that you know nothing about so be kind.

As an actor, how do you determine which roles that you select?

Josh Hopkins:  I try and select projects that have people with passion at the helm and Paulina certainly supplied that. I really enjoy drama and comedy so i try and switch it up a lot or find projects that allow me to do both.

While you’ve had a lengthy career, Cougar Town is among the sitcoms that many of us know you from—we initially met during the Cougar Town tour at Drake’s in Louisville to promote season 3 in December 2011.  How special was it to have been able to work on the series?

Josh Hopkins:  Hey, hope you have been well!

I have, thank you!  Well, there was that whole coming out as trans thing…

Josh Hopkins:  That show was fantastic for me in so many ways. I got to come in to work and be very silly. I enjoy silly. Each week had new crazy and mostly fun things to do and in the end the show had a lot of heart. I made lifelong friends and that is always the goal.

I know that a reboot would feel like it’s too soon but would you like the opportunity to work with the cast again?

Josh Hopkins:  Absolutely.

What do you expect to see from the Kentucky Wildcats as college basketball season kicks off?

Josh Hopkins:  This should be a fun year. Our Cats are so well rounded. Inside, outside, youth and finally some experience and it seems like the guys really enjoy one another so that always makes it fun.

You’ve been working on a new TV series but how exciting has it been to follow the football team this season?

Josh Hopkins:  Yeah, I’m shooting a new show for ABC called Whiskey Cavalier and production is based on Prague so it’s been tough to see as many games. The time difference can be a big problem. But I can’t remember a better KY football team in my lifetime. They have swagger and I haven’t seen that very often in Commonwealth. And to see the community so fired up, I’m happy for everyone.

Go Cats!

Starring Charisma Carpenter, Josh Hopkins, and Madison Horcher, Film Mode Entertainment opens Mail Order Monster on VOD platforms on November 6, 2018.

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