Christy Carlson Romano, Will Friedle talk Kim Possible movie

Christy Carlson Romano and Will Friedle talk during a Kim Possible panel at Wizard World Chicago in August 2018.

Kim Possible stars Christy Carlson Romano and Will Friedle were on hand for a panel during the final day of Wizard World Chicago.  The duo, who voiced both Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, took questions from both a moderator and fan questions from the audience.

Between the last two times they shared a panel, Christy filmed a small role or cameo for the live-action Kim Possible movie.  This was the first time the two shared a stage since the announcement was made.  The two of them had a lot to say as one can imagine.

I haven’t figured out just how to embed the audio but this was a panel that you had to be there.  Will Friedle is a natural funny man so there were times where it came off as humorous.

Christy Carlson Romano:  I have a couple thoughts on this.  This is our first panel since I did this small thing with them and Will’s not in it, which is sad but I also think if it’s good and that he doesn’t need to do it.

Will Friedle:  I don’t need to do it.

Christy Carlson Romano:  I’ve been working with the Disney Channel.  This is a Disney Channel movie.  Like we said, we’re kind of in a little bit in a different era in that he had the TGIF network side of stuff and I was on the cable side of stuff.  My relationship with Disney is different than his relationship with Disney.  So I knew some people for a long, long time and they were kind of positioning this whole movie in a particular way and getting us all excited about it.  I kind of got my hopes up to be a part of it and Will’s like, don’t get your hopes up (Laughs).  He’s like, just let everything be.  Just take it a day at a time.  He’s so sweet because I just can’t help but think about Disney magic and all that stuff.  So when the opportunity came, I did get excited about it.  I’ve done it.  It’s happening.  I haven’t seen any of the footage.  Now what I’m probably thinking about it is it is completely different—completely different—project than the Kim Possible series.  To all the fans of Kim Possible, do not compare the two (laughs). There’s no reason to, right.

Will Friedle:  The only thing that is the same is the title and the story.

Christy Carlson Romano:  Well, the character is and yes, the title.  What I need to say is that—

Will Friedle:  Kim Possible.  They’re trying to do Kim Possible.

Christy Carlson Romano:  The Kim Possible series should not be compared to this.  I feel like they should be kept separate insofar—well, because the movie is not for you guys.  It’s for your kids, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Will Friedle:  Kids grew up watching Kim Posssible.

Christy Carlson Romano:  I understand.

Will Friedle:  So I don’t get it.

Christy Carlson Romano:    Kim Possible is a dream of us now.  This old lady—okay, I’m struggling

Will Friedle:  It should be compared.  If it’s reruns, you should watch the show first and they should be compared but doesn’t make—

Christy Carlson Romano:  I know.  It’s inception.  I just think it’s safer for our fans to protect our fans of the original thing to say let’s just keep the memory of Kim Possible the animation alive in a really positive way and in that moment, no matter what happens with the movie.  I’ve decided to be a part of it because I’m a Disney Channel family alumni and that we just keep it separate.  I don’t know where that’s going—

Will Friedle:  For the fans of Kim Possible, the Kim Possible movie is not for you. (crowd laughs)

Christy Carlson Romano:  I haven’t seen footage so how can I say that accurately.  I can’t say that accurately.

Will Friedle:  I don’t have anything to do with it.  Kim Possible was in the 90s.  It was an awesome cartoon.

Christy Carlson Romano:  It wasn’t in the 90s.  Why do people keep saying that?

Will Friedle:  90s-2000.  It was the same thing.

Christy Carlson Romano:  The oughts.

Will Friedle:  The really early…we started in 1999.

Christy Carlson Romano:  Did we really?  I’m old.

Will Friedle:  I wish the kids who play Kim and Ron—I think they’re great kids.  I don’t know Sean.  We hit each other up over Twitter.

Christy Carlson Romano:  He’s so sweet.

Will Friedle:  The actors have nothing to do with the project other than they’re going to kill it and I’m sure they’re going to be amazing.  I’m really looking forward to that for them but Kim Possible’s Kim Possible.

Christy Carlson Romano:  That’s what I was trying to say but he said it better.  Thanks, Will! Just take the damn microphone!

Will Friedle:  I hope the movie does well.  I get what you’re saying.  It just doesn’t…it’s not two different things, that’s the problem.

Kim Possible aired 2002-2007 on the Disney Channel.

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