Karisa Bruin talks The Origins of Wit & Humor, UberEx

Karisa Bruin in The Origins of Wit & Humor. Courtesy of DimeStore Films.

Actress-writer-director Karisa Bruin recently spoke to Solzy at the Movies about her role in the recently released Chicago-set film, The Origins of Wit & Humor.

Thanks for joining Solzy at the Movies today. How are things treating you?

Karisa Bruin:  Hey Danielle, thanks for having me. Things are good.

Congratulations on your performance in The Origins of Wit & Humor. What attracted you to the role of Debra?

Karisa Bruin:  Thank you! I was really drawn to the script and to Christian and Hunter, who are both great. I love comedy, always, so getting to work on this film that is a comedy about comedy was a true treat.

Your husband, Scott Morehead, is perfect as Vic the game show host. How fun was it being able to work together?

Karisa Bruin:  It’s always a blast working with him. He makes me laugh more than anyone I’ve ever met and – I’m only a little biased – but he’s a phenomenally talented actor.

The two of you, like so many before you, left Chicago for greener pastures. How has the change of scenery been?

Karisa Bruin:  The weather is great! (laughing) LA is cool, it feels a bit like I’m just hitting my stride and getting out on more and more auditions and meetings, but the volume of work out here is staggering. There are so many more projects shooting all the time.

How did you first get interested in acting and filmmaking?

Karisa Bruin:  I was in my first play in kindergarten and just never really stopped. As a theater actor/director and an improvisor, I felt the pull to create more lasting work which coincided with digital production becoming more accessible and affordable, so I started making video shorts with my good friend Ben Bowman in 08 or so and that also has snowballed into something that I haven’t stopped doing.

In addition to the movie being released, you recently wrapped production on UberEx, a short film that you wrote and directed. What’s the film about and are you relieved to have finished production?

Karisa Bruin:  Yes! And I’m not just relieved, Danielle, I’m so excited. Production wrapped about a year ago and we finally are out of post on the project and have a final product to show. We are submitting to festivals and the like. It was a tough road to getting it finished as we faced a few set-backs and had to call in a bunch of favors, but it is done and I’m really proud of it. I also just got the final edit on a short web-series (4 episodes) that I made about the challenges being a mom called Why Does Mommy Cry? so keep an eye out for that over the next few weeks.

Women have had a hard time with cracking the big-budget movies and are usually directing indie films. Do you hope to see this trend change in the sooner rather than later?

Karisa Bruin:  I think it is changing, if slowly – this summer we saw Wonder Woman break box office records with Patty Jenkins at the helm which is thrilling. So, while things are changing, and they seem to be, I would of course love to see more of it. When we get different people behind the camera, we get different stories.

Would you like to direct your own feature film some day?

Karisa Bruin:  Yes, I think it will be a great adventure. For me, directing is all about collaboration. It’s exciting to get a group of people who are individually excellent in their fields to make something all together.

Thanks again for your time.

Karisa Bruin:  Thank you!

The Origins of Wit & Humor is available now on VOD. Click here for more.

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