Wizard World: Tom Wilson talks Back to the Future, Donald Trump

Tom Wilson in Back to the Future

Tom Wilson spoke to Solzy at the Movies at Wizard World Chicago on Friday about playing Biff Tannen in the Back to the Future trilogy and the comparisons of the character to current president, Donald Trump.

Thanks for joining Solzy at the Movies today. How are you been enjoying your time in Chicago this weekend?

Tom Wilson:  I’m having a great time. People in Chicago are always very friendly and the food is always very good so I’m having a good time.

Do you have a favorite place to go when you’re in town?

Tom Wilson:  Well, we went to Giordano’s last night—that was fantastic. Gino’s East—fantastic. I love—hey, you can’t get bad food here. That’s the thing. I eat everywhere and people are always friendly as I said so I always have a good time. I’ve been coming here many years doing stand up at Zanie’s and all their locations but it’s good to be here at Wizard World in Rosemont.

You’re best known for Biff Tannen in Back to the Future. What’s your favorite memory from any of the films?

Tom Wilson:  Well, we got along. The people in the cast got a long with each other—which is good—so it was a lot of fun to make all of them but its hard work. People think it’s just getting free snacks and fooling around but you get to work when it’s dark outside. You get home when it’s dark outside especially with a lot of age makeup as I did. It was a very busy time of hard work but there were great memories—working with Michael, Chris, Lea, and everybody. It was fun in that respect.

There’s a recreated DeLorean upstairs. Have you had a chance to check it out?

Tom Wilson:  I have not. No. I rode it in the movie so I’m very familiar with the DeLorean. It’s fine. People have many of them and it’s become a big thing to recreate the DeLorean with people actually making a living building the auxiliary parts if you’d like to buy the DeLorean and change it into the time machine from Back to the Future but I don’t know how to do that—not a part of it.

The writers have said that the character of Biff was kind of inspired by Donald Trump.

Tom Wilson: I find that comment timely and convenient.

What do you think Biff would be doing today?

Tom Wilson: He’d probably in prison. He’d probably be in prison, divorced from Loraine. She would have taken the casino and he’d be living in a jail cell probably.

Alright, thank you.

Tom Wilson:  Thank you very much.

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