Jordan Hope Miller talks documentary series Their Hope: An Untold Narrative of Trans Experience

Their Hope

Transgender musican and filmmaker Jordan Hope Miller recently spoke to Solzy at the Movies about his upcoming documentary series, Their Hope: An Untold Narrative of Trans Experience.  You can donate to the project on Indiegogo.

Thank you for joining Solzy at the Movies today. How are things treating you?

Jordan Hope Miller: Things are treating me very well. I am in the process of taking a leap of faith and pursuing something that has been calling my heart for the past year now. I am to be reunited with my wife in two weeks as well! Life is sweet! It is a mixed bag of things and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

You’re currently crowdfunding for Their Hope: An Untold Narrative of Trans Experience on Indiegogo. Why did you turn to crowdfunding for this project?

Jordan Hope Miller: I turned to crowdfunding as I am an artist with a specific vision and it is so important that this is not compromised by outside influence. The  freedom that crowdfunding can offer is freedom of expression when the people who are supporting you believe in that vision. I also wanted to create a movement as well, and generate some excitement and support. So often we ask for representation in the main stream media and we all just need to stand together to achieve this. Crowdfunding is interactive, and its fun too.

Their Hope is a documentary. When did you conceive the idea for this project and what do you hope to get out of it?

Jordan Hope Miller: The name for this project came to me in a dream. In the dream, I was filming and working on this project and that was the name that was given to it. I have been self-documenting my transition for the past three years on and off. I am an artist and the YouTube documenting didn’t really ring true for who I am, I wanted to wait and see what I would do with the ideas and the videos that I created.  This really started to call me to pursue this project when I went to India last year to do a yoga teacher training. With yoga everything opened up for me, along with this, as I believe this to be my purpose in life.  It will be an ongoing project, and I am honored to answer this calling that has been on my spirit for some time now.  This is a leap of faith this project and, I have taken many leaps of faith in life and the stakes just keep getting higher and higher.

What I hope to get out of this project, is what we all hope… hence the name of this series, I hope to gain visibility within mainstream media that is not sensationalized, I hope for a social change that is rooted in unconditional love and understanding, I hope for a paradigm shift that is already on its way, I hope to teach our children, I hope for prayers to be answered by doing this, I hope for a new era that will change the behavior of violence towards transgender people, I hope for respect and empowerment. There is a lot that I hope for this project to be and will be.  For me this has already empowered me and changed how I relate to the world, not out of fear but out of service, as we are all connected.  When we right wrongs done against transgender people we right the wrongs done to all people.

You came out in 2014. When did you start to have an idea that you might be transgender, even if you didn’t quite have a term for what you were feeling at the time?

Jordan Hope Miller: In 2012, I came to terms that I was transgender, before this time I knew that I was not simply a lesbian it always felt alien to me.  But circumstance in my life made me wait for two years before coming out and transitioning. But I can honestly remember feeling this way as a child and just not knowing what to call it as I was not exposed to this or educated on this topic.

Even though Their Hope is a non-fiction project, what are your thoughts on the current state of transgender representation in the media?

Jordan Hope Miller: Well my current thoughts on representation in the media, may not be such a popular answer, but this is my feeling and I must run with it.  I see a void, of authenticity. We transition to escape gender roles only to adopt new roles that our society puts in place.  There is a lot of focus on our differences, whether it be race, social status, or gender.  I am upset to see these people with such amazing platforms, still being controlled by their ego’s. Once there is a taste of success people forget the bigger picture, our sisters are dying everyday and no one is doing anything.  I also see a lot of beauty and courage out there, it seems as we get closer we also get further away. When people see things on tv or on the internet they associate the information in their minds, they compartmentalize it and make anyone who appears to be this image that they saw once on tv.  It is the pitfall of our minds, to classify instead of unify.

What I want to see is more people running off of our commonalities and not our differences, only then can we make progress and get closer. There is much hatred and intolerance in the community as well, we are not above anything that we accuse the rest of the world of doing and this is the truth.  I feel there is a void and this is why I am doing what I am doing, because I am tired of waiting for someone to step up and stop this madness. This is a necessity, lets stand together not apart , we are always stronger together.

What is your background in tv/film like prior to making this documentary?

Jordan Hope Miller: My background in tv/film is non-existent for me this is my first project. I am an artist of many different mediums, music, drawing, painting…. moving mediums always appealed to me the most.  My dream was to write a screenplay, film it, and write the music for it… This dream just happens to coincide with something that is much bigger than I could ever be.  I am an enthusiast of film and recognize the effect that it has on people, I cannot see a better tool to get this message across.

What are the current plans for distribution?

Jordan Hope Miller: My current plans for distribution is to find someone who will be willing to show these truths that the world needs to see, with out any control. When this company reveals themselves to me then I will consider distributing with them. I am really just going on a prayer and when that prayer is answered I will know.  I also have a connection with Magnolia Distribution so this may be a possibility. But  I am staying completely open and I have no expectations, and I also have no worries. A project like this is bound to be distributed for the masses. However we have to get this out there is of no concern I have full faith in this project.

Thanks again for your time.

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