No Time to Die: One Last Ride for Daniel Craig

No Time to Die offers thrilling entertainment as Daniel Craig signs off following his five films starring as Ian Fleming’s James Bond. It’s hard to say what the future offers for the James Bond franchise although there’s no shortage of potential contenders. What is known for sure is that this is it for Daniel Craig. It’s been a beautiful ride over the past sixteen years and this film is no exception. Cary Joji Fukunaga’s directorial…

"No Time to Die: One Last Ride for Daniel Craig"

Spectre: Sam Mendes Pushes The Limits

Sam Mendes pushes the limits during his second James Bond directorial outing in Spectre to get James Bond back to the travelogue roots. You know this is going to be a big film right from the Day of the Dead pre-titles sequence in Mexico City. It’s one of the biggest openings by far and it gives Mexico some proper representation on screen. By the end of the film, however, Spectre proves to be just one…

"Spectre: Sam Mendes Pushes The Limits"

Skyfall Marks James Bond’s 50th Anniversary

Skyfall celebrates the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise with its first billion-dollar picture and one of the best films to date. James Bond (Daniel Craig) is in a much different place following Quantum of Solace. He’s no longer a rookie agent. But the thing that sets this film apart from his previous outings is that he fails repeatedly throughout the film. It’s a recurring theme that kicks off almost as soon as the…

"Skyfall Marks James Bond’s 50th Anniversary"

Quantum of Solace Shows WGA Strike’s Effect

Quantum of Solace might seem to be a disappointment following the high of Casino Royale but this is because of the 2007-08 WGA strike. Marc Forster had his work cut out for him behind the camera. It’s not so much because of him but the studio pressure to release a film on time. In a perfect world, they would have waited for the WGA strike to end. Of course, this would have pushed the film…

"Quantum of Solace Shows WGA Strike’s Effect"

Casino Royale Reboots James Bond For A New Era

Daniel Craig enters the picture as Casino Royale comes along at a much-needed time in 2006 to reboot James Bond for the 21st century. The road leading up to Casino Royale is a blockbuster documentary in and of itself. However, this is another story for another day. In the decade leading up to the film, the Bond franchise was geared more towards fantasy than being grounded in reality. What else could you do after Die…

"Casino Royale Reboots James Bond For A New Era"

Nobody Does It Better: A Oral History of James Bond

Nobody Does it Better: The Complete, Uncensored, Unauthorized Oral History of James Bond is a must-own book for James Bond fans. Mark A. Altman and Edward Gross draw on both their own interviews and archival interviews in telling the story of James Bond. They go back to where it all began with Ian Fleming, including the first attempts to bring Bond to either the big or small screen. In 1954, the first on-screen incarnation of…

"Nobody Does It Better: A Oral History of James Bond"

James Bond 007: Who Will Replace Daniel Craig?

The million dollar question heading into the release is who will be replacing Daniel Craig after No Time to Die in the role of James Bond. While I believe that actors like Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston, or Henry Cavill would do a good job in the role, there’s a question of if they are too old for the role. With Cavill, he put his foot in his mouth a few years ago when it came…

"James Bond 007: Who Will Replace Daniel Craig?"

Goldfinger: One Of The Best James Bond Films

Goldfinger was the third film in the James Bond franchise but the film, starring Sean Connery, is the gold standard for all Bond films. Ask anybody who their favorite Bond is and the answers will vary.  The same will probably go for the films, too.  I would wager to say that the large majority of people will tell you Goldfinger.  Producers had a budget twice the size of Dr. No and From Russia With Love. …

"Goldfinger: One Of The Best James Bond Films"

Paul McCartney, James Bond producers pay tribute to Sir Roger Moore

Producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli released statements following the passing of the iconic James Bond star Sir Roger Moore. Daniel Craig, who is the most recent actor to star as James Bond, also shared a statement with a photo of the two Bonds. Paul McCartney, who still rocks out Live and Let Die during concerts, released a statement as well.

"Paul McCartney, James Bond producers pay tribute to Sir Roger Moore"

Sir Roger Moore, former James Bond, dies at 89

The family of Sir Roger Moore has shared the news that the actor has passed away following a shore bout with cancer.  He was 89. Moore followed both Sean Connery and George Lazenby on the big screen as the third actor to Agent 007, James Bond.  Moore played Bond between 1973 and 1985.  Prior to Bond, he played Simon Templar in The Saint between 1962 and 1969. After taking over the reigns in 1972 and…

"Sir Roger Moore, former James Bond, dies at 89"